About Us

Letter from Chairman

Welcome to British Education Centre!

​Established in 2007, we are an education institution registered with the Committee for Private Education, Singapore.

Our academic standards are based primarily on the British education system and its national quality standards. We conform with the requirements of the Committee for Private Education, Singapore, the government regulatory body for private education institutions.

​British Education Centre is registered as a Private Education Institution under the provisions and regulations of the Private Education Act 2009 in Singapore. The current registration period is valid for four years from 19 November 2020 to 18 November 2024. Our registration number is 201113170W.

Run by highly experienced educators, we provide a better experience by offering education courses of the highest quality in both teacher training and other professional courses.

We believe that a strong academic programme and the learning progress of our students should be at the forefront of all we do. Our Academic Board and Examination Board help us to implement and maintain high standards.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you to develop your future success in study, career and the wider community.

Mr. Xue Yong
Academic Board Chairman

Established in 2007, British Education Centre (BEC) prides itself in offering a diversity of courses which are built on solid foundations of decades of pedagogical research and practice. This ensures that our students enjoy a comprehensive learning experience.
A dynamic school, BEC responds to the needs of the modern world with new learning tools, and through adopting different modes of teaching which best enhance the learning experience of our students. For example, in addition to the in-class option, we offer all of our students an e-learning option as well.
As market needs evolves over time, we too adapt our teaching methods to keep up with these changes, ensuring that our students gain a competitive edge in the job market upon the completion of their qualifications.

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