Diploma in Project Management in Built Environment (Mandarin)


The Diploma in Project Management in Built Environment qualifications is appropriate for employees in the Construction and the Built Environment sector working across a broad range of areas. It is designed to assess occupational competence in the workplace where learners are required to demonstrate skills and knowledge to a level required in the construction industry.

This qualification allows learners to demonstrate competence in construction site management at a level required by the Construction and the Built Environment industry. Learners can progress across the level and size of the Construction and the Built Environment competence and knowledge qualifications and into other occupational areas such as team leading and management.

Key features of The Diploma in Built Environment qualifications:

  1. A stimulating and challenging program of study that will be both engaging and informative for learners
  2. Learners can gain the essential subject knowledge needed to progress successfully into further study or the world of work
  3. A simplified structure: learners undertake a core of learning and build on this knowledge
  4. Refreshed content that is closely aligned with employer and higher education needs
  5. Assessments that consider cognitive skills along with affective and applied skills
  6. The course set unit assignments and a varied approach to assessment.
  7. Learners will develop knowledge and academic study skills including active research skills, effective writing skills, analytical skills, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, decision-making and digital literacy, in a highly competitive environment;
  8. Preliminarily cultivate students’ ability to solve various psychological problems encountered in life, study and work;


On successful completion, students will be able to:

  1. Get an overview of the business and entrepreneurial industry;
  2. Understand the environment that influences businesses;
  3. Understand the relevant theories, principles and practices applicable to the Structure and organization of businesses;
  4. Appreciate the importance of skillful and creative management practices for dynamic businesses;
  5. Work effectively as an individual and in groups through the development of key skills;
  6. Adopt an enquiring and reflective approach to learning.

The objectives of this course are to impart students with the knowledge on:

  1. Development of Key Skills
  2. Knowledge and understanding
  3. Data collection and analysis
  4. Operational
  5. Communication and presentation
  6. Interactive and group skills
  7. Synthesis and creativity
  8. Managing tasks and problems solving

The course allows learners to specialize and progress in a variety of relevant subject areas as outlined below.

Course Information

Course Structure

The course consists of the following 5 modules:

Unit 1 –Specification and Contract Documentation for Construction

Unit 2 –Design Procedures for Construction

Unit 3 –Project Management for Construction

Unit 4 –Construction Safety Management

Unit 5 –Project Cost for Construction and the Built Environment

Unit 1 Specification and Contract Documentation for Construction

Students develop knowledge and understanding of the contracts used in construction and the built environment and how construction works are specified in respect of standards and quality.

Unit 2 Design Procedures for Construction

Students learn about design practices and develop the skills needed to produce design solutions, manage construction contracts and direct the project management phase of the construction process.

Unit 3 Project Management for Construction

Students understand site management techniques for production in relation to communication, planning, cost control, quality and environmental issues.

Unit 4 Construction Safety Management

Students learn about the responsibilities of employers and employees, and the control measures used to reduce risk and meet legal requirements.

Unit 5 Project Cost for Construction and the Built Environment

Students develop an understanding of the principles and application of project management in the construction and built environment sector.

The delivery of modules is subject to change and may not follow the sequence as shown above.

Learning Mode

Classroom Lessons

Duration of Course

Part-time: 6 Months

1 session per week x 6 hours

Manner in which Assessment will be Conducted

100% Course Work Assessment

Assessment Grading Criteria

 Grade Marks
Distinction80 and above
Merit65 to 79
Pass50 to 64
Fail0 to 49

Requirements for Graduation

Achieved a ‘Pass’ for all units with at least 75% attendance for the entire course

Qualification Award

Diploma in Project Management in Built Environment (Mandarin) awarded by British Education Centre

Manner in which course will be Taught

Lectures, case studies, tutorials, discussion, team work, field trips, real life experience, presentation and role play etc.

Average Teacher-Student Ratio is 1:30

Please note that the maximum number of students in the classroom is subjected to the maximum allowable seating capacity

Progression Pathway

Students who successfully completed the Diploma in Built Environment may wish to pursue further higher level courses in Built Environment available in the Education Industry.

Requirements for Enrolment

Minimum entry age: 19 years old, with 3 years relevant working experience

Minimum academic requirements: At least 3 passes at GCE “O” Level or Completion of Secondary or High School or equivalent.

For mature candidate who does not meet the above Minimum academic requirements, the candidate must be at least 30 years old with 8 years working experience

Minimum Language Proficiency: Pass in Chinese at C6 or better in GCE “O” Level or in High School or equivalent.


Please enquire for class scheduling options.

​Course Fee

​Application Fee: $327

This course is currently not running.