Student Support Services

It is of the utmost importance to British Education Centre in supporting our students both academically and personally, ranging from academic counselling, to issues with adjusting to life in Singapore.

British Education Centre provides a range of student support services to all students enrolled with British Education Centre:

  1. Student Orientation Programme
  2. Pastoral Counselling
  3. Matriculation
  4. Re-enrolment
  5. Student’s Pass matters
  6. Student Concierge
  7. Student Contract
  8. Course Fees Payment
  9. Fee Protection Scheme
  10. Course Matters
  11. Transfer Procedure
  12. Withdrawal Procedure
  13. Deferment Procedure
  14. Refund Procedure
  15. Student Care & Welfare
  16. Student Enrichment Activities
  17. Redress Matters
  18. Career Advice 
  19. Medical Insurance
  20. Advice on Accommodation and Cost of Living
  21. General Health Care Services in Singapore

If you require any of the Student Support Services listed above, please feel free to approach your course consultant or any Student Support Services staff for the necessary forms.

You may also approach any of our Student Support Services staff if your problems are not listed above.

If you have any feedbacks that you will like to share with us, you can approach your course consultant or any of our Student Support Services staff for FRM-051 Student Feedback Form.