Diploma in Applied Psychology (E-Learning)


With the rapid development of science and technology and economy, people face a complex and ever-changing world, a highly competitive environment, interpersonal relationships become complicated, and conflicts caused by poor communication are increasing. Facing an uncertain future, many people do not know what to do measures. Through the study of this Diploma in Applied Psychology (E-Learning) course, people can better solve their own and others’ psychological problems and improve their quality of life.

The Diploma lays the foundations of learning by providing an introduction to relevant topics and allows learners to specialize and progress into specific occupational areas.

Key features of The Diploma in Applied Psychology qualifications:

  1. Correctly understand the essence of human psychology, and recognize the law of occurrence, development and interaction of psychological phenomena;
  2. Be able to correctly analyse different personalities, improve and improve their interpersonal and communication skills;
  3. Correctly face and adapt to the complex and changeable social environment, and be able to maintain mental health in a highly competitive environment;
  4. Preliminarily cultivate students’ ability to solve various psychological problems encountered in life, study and work;


The objective of Diploma in Applied Psychology qualification is to provide learners with a specialist program of study that provides a depth of knowledge and understanding of key aspects within the field of Psychology.

The course allows learners to specialize and progress in a variety of relevant subject areas and focus on how our understanding of psychology is applied today. Learners will develop and enhance their skills in the following areas: cognitive psychology, visual perception, diversity, social psychology with a focus on pro and anti-social behavior, individual differences relating to criminology, intelligence and personality as well as becoming aware of contemporary debates and issues in the field of Psychology

Course Information

Course Structure

The course consists of the following 5 modules:

Unit 1 – The Psychology of Thinking

Unit 2 – Counselling Skills

Unit 3 – Enneagram Personality Test

Unit 4 – Psychology Applied to Life

Unit 5- Psychology of Interpersonalities

Unit 1 The Psychology of Thinking

Through the study of this course, whether you are dealing with difficult problems, unhappy, or just wanting to improve, discover, and seek opportunities, students will deepen their understanding of human inner power and help students make effective career plans.

Unit 2 Counselling Skills

Students will learn about the most important contribution of psychological knowledge — to help people adapt to life, so that people can find their own direction in the changing life, not only to resolve the crisis, but also to create happiness.

Unit 3 Enneagram Personality Test

Students will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of Enneagram Personality Test which helps to develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses, handle thorny interpersonal problems at work with ease, and resolve unnecessary interpersonal conflicts.

Unit 4 Psychology Applied to Life

Students will learn the necessary couselling skills to help those facing problems in their study, life, and work to solve their problems.

Unit 5 Psychology of Interpersonalities

Through improving students’ ability to understand each other’s personalities and personalities, interpersonal relationships in life, study, and work will also improve.​​

The delivery of modules is subject to change and may not follow the sequence as shown above.

Learning Mode

Online Lessons

Duration of Course

Full-time: 6 Months

5 sessions per week x 3 hours

Part-time: 6 Months

1 session per week x 6 hours

Manner in which Assessment will be Conducted

100% Course Work Assessment​

Assessment Grading Criteria

 Grade Marks
Distinction80 and above
Merit65 to 79
Pass50 to 64
Fail0 to 49

Requirements for Graduation

Achieved a ‘Pass’ for all units with at least 75% attendance for the entire course

Qualification Award

Diploma in Applied Psychology awarded by British Education Centre

Manner in which course will be Taught

Lectures, case studies, tutorials, discussion, team work, field trips, real life experience, presentation and role play etc.

Average Teacher-Student Ratio is 1:30

Please note that the maximum number of students in the classroom is subjected to the maximum allowable seating capacity

Progression Pathway

Students who successfully completed the Diploma in Applied Psychology (E-Learning) may wish to pursue further higher level courses in Psychology available in the Education Industry.

Requirements for Enrolment

Minimum entry age: 19 years old, with 3 years working experience

Minimum academic requirements: At least 3 passes at GCE “O” Level or Completion of High School or equivalent

For mature candidates who does not meet the above MER, the candidate must be at least 30 years old with 8 years working experience.

Minimum Language Proficiency: Pass in English at C6 or better in GCE “O” Level or in High School or equivalent


​Course Fee

​Application Fee: $327

Part Time:

Full Time: